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Dive Gran Roque
seba buceo los roques
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Piedra de la Guasa

Voyage to the bottom of the sea.
To the visitors of the archipelago Los Roques who goes there -driven by their love of underwater activities, will find an underwater paradise full of colors and treasures waiting to be discovered, just like the majority of diving destinations were in the Caribbean some 50 years ago. The Los Roques coral reef barrier, one of the best preserved in the Caribbean competes in beauty with other locations such as the corals in Belize, the keys in Bahamas, the Bonaire reefs or Honduras Bay islands.
For the underwater diver the coral reef stands out because of its warm transparent water and of the most diverse ecosystem of fish in the world. Frequently biologists have tried to explain this richness of species by attributing it to the many existing habitats in the reef: sandy bottoms, caves, cracks, algae prairies, deep and shallow water. Others try to explain it by means of competitiveness that arise among the species, but the reality is that when one dives into its waters one enters in a world of life and color which surpasses the already impressive one in the surface. Among the attractive features of diving in Los Roques there is the great number of places where this activity can be practiced, each one with its own unique characteristics and singular charm: the shallow lagoons surrounded by spectacular mangroves with its underwater roots making up an intricate landscape which gives protection to the younger phases of fish. Ask for a quote!

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA)

LOS ROQUES "Scuba Diving Index" by Henrik Bratfeldt
The Best Dive Spots:
Piedra de la Guasa (MA) Cayo de Agua (BA) La Pelona de Dos Mosquises (BA) Dos Mosquises (BA) Punta Cayo Sal (MA) Cavernas de Las Salinas (MA) Boca de Cote (BA) Solapa de Rabusqui (B) Noronqui (BA) Boca del Medio (BA) Francisqui (B) Madrizqui (B) Cueva de los Sabalos (BA)

All Photos by Federico Cabello & Henrik Bratfeldt

The sandy area that alternates between prairies full of marine algae; the rocky bottom of the sea as we approach Gran Roque and the coral reefs that limit the central lagoon with its vertical walls and underwater caves. These places can be visited during night and day which allows the diver to find in one place different scenery and totally different species. Some species remain hidden in caves or inside cracks during the day and they come out at night with all heir splendor. Deep water species look through the reef for prey and can be surprised by a diver's torch light. Corals that remain as branches or huge rocks during the day, at night show themselves dressed up in their polyps. All this wrapped up in the fluorescence of plankton which lights up a diver's movements during the night. Book your Scuba Diving week with all included now!

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